Patient testimonials

«Dear Members of Vedasudha

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for my experience here in this little paradise. The journey of 5 weeks was indescribably impressive for me. It was one of the most valuable experiences in my life. It seems to me a gift of my deepest prayers fulfilled by the Almighty Lord. I am so impressed and fascinated by your philosophy and attitude in terms of your acceptance, integration, professionalism, work ethic, efficiency, collegiality, hospitality, helping nature, consideration, organization, communication, spirituality, respect and belief in good. One can find a great combination of equality and togetherness here.
For me, all of your appreciation is a role model for many other countries and governments in this world and counteracts the usual careless ways of life. I feel delighted and grateful for having experienced all this by you and with you. A lot thanks to George also for making this wonderful protected health oasis possible for all of us, which is not only returning our health but brining us very close to this unforgettable nature also.
Vedasudha is now part of my life, my daily food in thought. I will try to continue your health principles and … I am gonna miss you. Even the question ‘How is your stool today?’ – I will miss. Healing with Love – with full of my heart a very goodbye, take care of yourself and, who knows, maybe we see each other again. Thanks Vedasudha! Love to all of you.»


«I have been to Vedasudha for the third time and each time I leave it with a laughing and a crying eye. Laughing because I’m going home with a whole new attitude to life. Crying because I find it difficult to say goodbye to this little paradise where everything, be it the patients or the plants and animals in the garden, are lovingly cared for with great respect.
I spent here three times three unforgettably valuable weeks full of new experiences and I know that whenever I need help in case of illness – be it physical or psychological – I will return here. Many thanks to the whole Vedasudha team.»
Linda B.


«I was in the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospital for the first time. The treatment convinced us completely, because a holistic approach was lived. The medical as well as therapeutic treatments were the best I have ever experienced. The guidance by several doctors was very professional and they always took care of the patients’ well-being. Therefore I can only recommend this clinic.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Vedasudha team once again.»


«This was my second visit to Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospital. I am so grateful to all the dear people that they have given me back my joy of life, which I had completely lost after 4 years of pain.
All employees (I will keep you in my heart) created a precious treasure. Thank you for the thoughtful care and the great time I was able to spend with you. Love.»
Brigitte Stutz 


«The stay in Yogasudha was a fantastic gift for me – on all levels! A beautiful place in the middle of the forest, attentive, loving and professional medical care and guidance as well as vegetarian food – a pleasure! It should be noted that the vegetables grow in organic quality directly in front of the door in the garden…
The lived spirituality with the Agni-Hotra ritual in the morning and in the evening, the careful yoga lessons and the meditations have been good for my soul. I feel richly gifted and touched. Devotion, determination and love are experienced by all the dear people who work there. And this love lets us grow and heal … Thank you! Thank you very much!»
Franziska Amstein, Bern


«I was allowed to spend almost six weeks in the Yogasudha and was touched by this heavenly place. The beautiful building stands on a hill and is surrounded by the most beautiful nature. I appreciated the view and the openness over the forest landscape. The doctors and therapists treat their guests with so much love and appreciation that it touched me deeply – every day! Yes, the unbelievable Ayurvedic knowledge of the doctors is combined with love and attentiveness at this place, which is simply good for us humans…
The food tasted so delicious that really every meal is a culinary experience. My room was very cosy and had everything one needs to feel comfortable. Without wanting to exaggerate, I would like to state here that for me personally it was a wonderful and unique time in the Yogasudha – the place, the people, the food, the therapies and the being, everything was just perfect and a gift…
I can highly recommend a time out in Yogasudha, especially for people who want to heal themselves, have confidence and want to give their soul a gift… I will live on this beautiful place and the memories of the loving people for a long time to come, I am sure…
I am also very happy to answer any further questions, exchange experiences and look forward to receiving messages from people who also travel to or have been to the Yogasudha…»
Annina Gutmann, Schweiz


«Shortly before my 18th birthday I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the bowel (Crohn’s disease). Since the diagnosis I was devastated, because normally you think you can simply go to the doctor with a problem and he gives you a medicine which solves the problem immediately. But unfortunately this was not the case…
After the diagnosis, I did a lot of research on the internet to see if there was a cure, but unfortunately I could not find anything useful and so over time my hope changed into depression. My day consisted of stomach cramps, diarrhoea and listlessness. I didn’t feel like doing anything; be it eating, going to high school or meeting my friends. I simply isolated myself from everything and spent the time playing video games.
My treatment after the diagnosis has also changed. I now had to take cortisone, which is a miracle cure for inflammation, but also has many side effects. It did not really work for me. Now I was thinking about having an operation. But one day my mother met a man who had the same disease as me and was cured. Through him I came to Ayurveda and the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals.
In the beginning I had my doubts because I am a rational person and did not really believe in alternative medicine or Ayurveda, but I tried it for my mother’s sake. I was given Ayurvedic medicines, had to follow a strict diet and do yoga regularly. After one month I noticed that my symptoms improved and after eight months I had no symptoms at all. One of my happiest moments was when I realized that my stool was firm again.
After my bachelor’s degree (six years later) I decided to do an Ayurvedic cure at Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospital. Because during these six years I had relapses for several weeks due to stress or unhealthy diet.
Since the 4-week ayurvedic cure I had no relapses at all. For this reason I would recommend anyone who has intestinal problems, be it an irritable bowel or a chronic inflammation of the intestines, to take the Ayurvedic cure at the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals. This will significantly improve their quality of life.»
Nitharsan Yoganathan

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