Frequently asked questions

General questions


Where in Kerala are the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals located?

The Vedasudha Ayurveda Hospital is the older of the two health clinics and is located in a small village called Vayala. The Yogasudha Ayurvedic Hospital was opened in 2018, almost 10 years after Vedashudha, and is located in the village of Pinnakkanad. The villages are about 25 km apart and both belong to the district of Kottayam, which is located in the heart of Kerala.


What are the weather conditions in Kerala?

Kerala has a tropical climate. Temperatures are summery all year round by Central European standards. Unlike the more northern parts of India, there are no distinct seasons in Kerala. From June to August there is much more rain than in the other months of the year. Therefore, the average temperature during this time is between 25 °C and almost 30 °C. The warmest month is April with up to 35 °C. Humidity is high all year round and rises up to 90% in the rainy season.


How far in advance should I register for an Ayurveda cure?

The Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals are usually fully booked for several months. If you have decided to come to us for treatment, we recommend that you contact us early so that we can check with you whether there is a place available for your desired date.


Do you organize the pick-up from the airport/train station?

Yes, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service from and to Kochi International Airport and the train stations of Ernakulam or Kottayam (or other nearby stations).
Please send a copy of your flight or train tickets to as soon as you have received a reservation confirmation for a stay in one of our houses, so that we can organize your pick up.


Is it possible to go on excursions and sightseeing tours in the free time?

Daily morning or evening walks in the surrounding area for less than one hour are allowed, depending on the patient’s condition, without interfering with therapy.
If desired, a small shopping trip to the nearby city can be organized once during the stay.
Larger excursions and sightseeing tours are not possible during the treatments and would be counterproductive for the success of the cure.


How are the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals equipped? What other services do you offer?

We have a laundry service that will wash your upper garments for you on request.
All rooms in the guest houses have a private toilet and shower. Fine Ayurvedic soap and hair shampoo are available for you. Bathrobes and towels are also provided.
The guest rooms are equipped with telephone, ceiling fan and loudspeaker with connection to the in-house music system. Internet is available via WLAN. There is no air conditioning in our buildings and there are no televisions or refrigerators in the guest rooms.


What are the meals in the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals?

We offer our guests Indian Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine with three hot meals a day. The food, which is always freshly prepared, comes from our own garden or is purchased in mainly organic quality from local farmers.


What do I do if I have a food allergy?

Please let us know before your arrival which food allergy or -incompatibility you have. We will inform our kitchen team accordingly and adjust the food for you.


Questions about the treatments

What is the best time of the year for an Ayurvedic treatment?

The best time for an Ayurvedic treatment is from June to March, depending on the illness and physical condition of the patient. As the months of April and May are considerably warmer, this can be detrimental to a treatment.


How long does the therapy last every day? What do I do the rest of the day?

Depending on the situation/problems of a patient, we conduct two main treatments per day, each lasting between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes. After the treatments, we ask the patients to rest for about 30-60 minutes so that the treatment can develop its full effect.
In addition, we offer several yoga sessions per day – one hour with yoga asanas as well as yoga nidra and pranayama.
During the rest of the time, small walks can be taken in the surrounding area and experience shows that guests read a lot during their stay.


How long should an Ayurveda cure last at least?

In order to be able to give a comprehensive and effective treatment, a stay of at least 3 weeks is recommended. Depending on a patient’s imbalance or illness, longer stays of up to 6 weeks may be necessary.


Do you start with the treatments already on the day of arrival?

Depending on the arrival time of the patient, we start the Ayurveda treatment on the day of arrival with a detailed first consultation with our medical team and conduct the first treatment afterwards.


What do I have to bring for the therapy? Can I take my allopathic medication during the treatments?

If you are under medical treatment at home, please bring the latest information, medical and laboratory reports and any medication you are taking with you. The intake of any medication during the Ayurveda cure will then be discussed with you on site.


Are there any physical restrictions during the stay?

During an Ayurveda cure we do not recommend any heavy physical activities that cause exhaustion of the body. Walks – i.e. slow walking, no power walking or jogging – as well as simple yoga and of course meditation are allowed.


Do you recommend sightseeing tours rather before or after the ayurvedic cure?

If you would like to use your trip to India/Kerala to get to know the country a little better, we recommend that you plan this before your stay with us. After your intensive Ayurveda treatments of several weeks it is important that you give your body as much rest as possible during at least 21 days.


What experiences do you have with Ayurvedic treatments for people from Western cultures?

For more than a decade we have been successfully conducting traditional and authentic Ayurvedic treatments in the Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospitals. More than one thousand patients, mostly from Europe, have benefited from them with good to very good results.
Although Ayurveda originated in India, it is a universal science based on the laws of nature that are valid throughout the universe. Therefore Ayurvedic treatments are also applicable to people from all continents. The individual treatments are individually adapted in each case – no matter where the patient comes from.


Can I choose the treatment program myself?

An Ayurveda treatment is not simply a series of different treatments, but is a comprehensive, self-contained program, whose phases build on each other. Depending on the patient’s ailments, the individual treatment steps have to be planned and carried out carefully so that an improvement of the ailments or a complete recovery can be achieved.


For which diseases can an Ayurveda treatment help?

Ayurvedic treatments can help with many disorders. Especially with chronic diseases we have made very good experiences. Under the heading “Successes in treatments” you will find a list of different symptoms and what successes we have been able to achieve during the treatment.

Do you have a wellness program?

We do not offer a wellness program in our houses.

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